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warren kinsella / provincial liberals

yes, warren kinsella
who: author, pundit, columnist, ex-liberal strategist, staunch chrétien loyalist, canadian blogger, progressive liberal, ex punk band member who likes to bring his past up like one of those reasonably hip old guys
notorious for: invoking the flinstones and using his son's stuffed barney dinosaur to scare canadians away from fundamentalist christian candidates such as
mr. stockwell day who believe man coexisted with the dinosaur; saying nasty things to the martinites who dissed him when forming their war room personnel; writing books about hate groups in canada

why kinsella matters: this man scared canada by clearly stating what a vote for the alliance entailed - granting influence to fundamentalist and hate groups that were disturbingly close to the hearts and pockets of the alliance leadership and membership. he has stated harper is a starkly different adversary in that he does not have the same direct links to the extremist groups and hateful thinking that haunted stockwell day. securing the former tory voters hostile to the far right orientation of the old alliance party is crucial in breaking ontario and the maritimes on the way to forming government. is warren helping the conservative cause, or is nobody really listening to him anymore?

also, its fun for political junkies to watch the drama surrounding his discord with the current liberal brass - members of martins dirty deeds done dirt cheap team suddenly have influence. he extended the olive branch to team martin, but not without conditionalities.
So here's the deal, made in the full view of the thousands of folks who check out this web site every day.

1. Paul Martin's senior staff were wrong to state that Jean Chrétien, and the people around him, were criminals; and

2. All federal Liberal Quebec candidates have, to use Stephane Dion's phrasing, "resolutely and unambiguously cease[d] to be separatist and reconcile[d] themselves with the Canadian ideal..."

Then I will pack my bag and fly up to Ottawa to help out in the war room tomorrow morning. No bullshit. PMO switchboard has all my numbers - or they used to, anyway. Your move.

the papers are rife with fresh rumours of everyones favourite liberal-in-exile. go warren.



martin chided ontario premier dalton mcguinty regarding his election promises, telling a high school crowd that unlike SOME people, he wants to keep his pledges. kinsella fires back with a defense of mcguinty in the post. yes, its the post, but at least im reading.

why isnt the prime minister denouncing and distancing himself from gordon campbell to garner popularity in bc?
a) is he too close to gordo to distinguish?
b) does he not understand the premier is reviled by rural and urban british columbians alike?

the ndp has linked gordo to the martinites and the conservatives out here.

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