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chuo 89.1fm's "What The...?" recommends that you rob the vote this Monday from 3:30pm to 5pm!!!

This country needs a little change - we can all agree on that; the political machine is dirty and some cleaning out is definitely of order.

But the two least unpopular options are both sketchy at best: one is so riddled with overuse and abuse that cracks are showing everywhere, while the other hides well-documented horrors behind the mask of a well-orchestrated makeover.

The clutches of power

And that's the problem isn't it? Everyone is acting as though there were only two parties - as though our country were divided into two parts (like our southern neighbours are). We have a broader range of political expression, yet we're consistently reducing ourselves to less than what we are - a multiplicity that is envied the world over.

Instead, we consistently turn to thieves, liars, and cheats to take hold of our daily lives - of our very existence. Either we blindly ignore the many alternatives, or we try to vote 'strategically' - which is probably the most ridiculous tactic ever.

We here at "What The...?" suggest that we should cancel our votes - instead of giving power to those we loathe and/or distrust. If everyone did this instead of not voting (or voting for the least worst!), we'd be sending a pretty clear message to the powers-that-would-be that we still care about our country and our future - but we feel that none of them are making the cut.

So let's rob them of our votes - and maybe then we'll finally see a few much needed improvements!

And it is in this spirit of total bewilderment and utter frustration that we have put together a medley for our times; from freedom of choice to dishonesty and empty promises, we've dug up what we feel are the most appropriate anthems for this week's electoral shakedown.

And, although many of us are sick of hearing about the elections by now, it would be pretty much unforgivable to miss out on a show that manages to put A Perfect Circle, Arcadia, Gene Loves Jezebel, Headstones, Jane's Addiction, Killing Joke, Annie Lennox, Love And Rockets, Megadeth, Midnight Oil, New Order, Sarah Slean, The Hidden Cameras, The Music, The Sammus Theory and The Sex Pistols together on the same unforgetable bill.

So, whatever you do, make an effort to vote and then tune in this Monday from 3:30pm to 5:00pm (eastern) to get yet another fresh perspective from CHUO 89.1FM's "What The...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What The...?" can also be heard on the web via
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